Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Battle lines emerge over the Securities and Exchange Commission’s historic climate risk disclosure proposal

By Brad Rosen, J.D.

In March of this year, the SEC issued its controversial and far-reaching proposed climate rule which would require public companies disclose their greenhouse gas emissions and exposures to climate change risks for the first time. In justifying the measures, SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has underscored investors’ needs and demands for consistent and comparable information around climate matters.

Meanwhile, members of Congress and state officials have voiced their strident opposition to the proposal claiming the agency has far exceeded its authority, with promises of court action if the rules are approved in their current form. This Strategic Perspective takes a closer look at some of those legal arguments.

As the comment period comes to an end in mid-June, interested parties on both sides of the issue continue to weigh in on the SEC’s proposed climate risk disclosure rule, and the battle lines only sharpen. You can read the article here.