Wednesday, July 08, 2015

NYSE Suspends All Trading for Three Hours Due to ‘Technical Issue’

By Lene Powell, J.D.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE and NYSE MKT) today suspended trading across all symbols for more than three hours, between 11:32 am and 3:10 pm ET. NYSE stated on Twitter that the suspension was due to an “internal technical issue” and was not the result of a cyber breach. The exchange said it chose to suspend trading to avoid problems arising from the technical issue and that trading of NYSE-listed securities continued unaffected on other market centers.

In a brief statement, Chair Mary Jo White echoed that NYSE and NYSE MKT stocks continued to trade normally through other trading venues during the disruption.

According to a NYSE statement, all orders at the time of suspension of trading were cancelled, including market-on-close, limit-on-close, and conditional orders. Good-til-cancelled orders remained active. Upon market re-opening, the Openbook feed for NYSE MKT Primary markets was not available for the rest of the day and customers were advised to use market data from the SIP feed. Closing auctions were expected to continue as normal.