Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tennessee Issues Policy on Requesting Confidential Treatment for Filings

A policy statement by the Tennessee Securities Division reiterates and elaborates upon Tennessee securities rule 0780-4-1-.04(5)(f) allowing persons to request that specified information received by the Division in connection with the filing of registration statements, applications or reports be kept confidential. The request for confidential treatment must be sent to the Division separate from the other parts of the filing, marked "Confidential Treatment Requested" and signed by the person submitting the registration statement, application or report. Note that the request itself will be available for public inspection so should not contain any information considered confidential. Tennessee securities rule 0780-4-1-.04(5)(f) sets forth the details of a request for confidential treatment including the statements that must be made for the request and the different responses the Assistant Commissioner might take upon receiving it.

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