Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hawaii Nonsubstantively Amends Dealer Waiver of Annual Report of Condition

The following interpretive order from 2003 was amended only nonsubstantively to replace the name of the “NASD” organization with its current “FINRA” name and to substitute the outdated section numbers with the new numbers for the Hawaii Uniform Securities Act of 2008.

Hawaii-registered dealers also registered with the SEC and members of FINRA may waive the Business Registration Division’s annual report of condition, provided the dealers: (1) submit their most current annual audit financial reports to FINRA; (2) notify the Hawaii Commissioner in writing within 24 hours of the dealers' net capital falling below the State's required minimum amount; (3) send financial information, in writing, to the Commissioner within 24 hours of its request; and (4) execute the prescribed "Waiver Eligibility Certificate."

For more information, please see http://hawaii.gov/dcca/sec